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Turkish Angora Rescue
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Turkish Angora Rescue

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Turkish Angora Rescue Information: The Turkish Angora is a typically white, silky cat. Turkish Angoras are attention-seeking, playful, active cats. Turkish Angoras can be very vocal and almost seem to converse with their people. Turkish Angoras are sociable, but are not lap cats. Turkish Angoras are great with children, seniors, and pets, but have dominant tendencies with other animals.

Turkish Angora Trivia: Some Turkish Angoras have one blue eye, which often accompanies deafness on the same side of the head as the blue eye. Some Turkish Angoras like the water and will even hop in the bathtub with their owners. The Turkish Angora is an ancient breed from the Ankara region of Turkey. Turkish Angoras have no undercoat. Turkish Angoras were brought to Europe by returning Crusaders.